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After Action Report: TAFC hosts the 2019 Winter Classic

The fourth annual Winter Classic futsal tournament was held January 12th.
107ist Photo Team

Hundreds of players and spectators flooded Rose City Futsal’s Tigard facility Saturday for the 2019 TAFC Winter Classic futsal tournament, its fourth iteration of the annual event. TAFC organizers decked out the venue with balloons and streamers, and spectators were able to grab a pint at Clive’s Pub in the second floor of the facility before perching above the courts to cheer on their team.

Twenty-four teams competed across four divisions: Co-ed Just for Fun, Co-ed Competitive, Men’s Recreational, and Men’s Competitive. The Co-ed Just for Fun division was added this year due to demand from co-ed teams. Many teams that participated in the 2018 tournament returned, including Deacon Blue, Thundercats FC, and Men’s Recreational division champions, FC Bridge City. Three Thundercats-themed teams participated, forming what sounds like a movie trilogy: Thundercats FC, Thundercats United, and Estudiantes de Thundercats. Three other teams opted for puns: Hangover 96, Beer Pressure, and Pique Boo. Two teams, Sporting Bad Hombres and B-Side Bad Hombres, kept it topical.

The Night Owls goalkeeper saves an attempt on goal.
Jason Wald

The event started in the early afternoon with the co-ed matchups. Night Owls bested Vision Zero FC to take home the trophy in the Co-ed Competitive division. There was no trophy winner of the other Co-ed division, because it was “just for fun,” but the Pioneers and Pique Boo won the most games in that division.

Night Owls pose with the trophy for winning the Co-ed Competitive division.
107IST Photo Team

Men’s division games started in the early evening. The TACCC Weekenders took top prize in the Men’s Recreational division, besting Hangover 96 in the division final. Nomads FC defeated Naranja to top the Men’s Competitive division. Having scored more goals (8) than any other player in the tournament, Candido Sanchez won the Golden Boot. Sam Rivera and Reezah Dyason ended with seven goals apiece.

The TACCC Weekenders won the Men’s Recreational division. Candido Sanchez, center, took home the Golden Boot.
107ist Photo Team
Nomads FC were hard to miss in red and white stripes. They won the Men’s Competitive division.
107ist Photo Team

All proceeds from the tournament will go to the Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund and the 107IST general fund. Further event information and photos can be found at the Winter Classic website. Additional photos from the 107IST photo team are available here.

Requiring skills close in, futsal can sometimes seem like a dance around the ball.
Jason Wald
A Nomad watches on with glee as his teammate puts one past the keeper.
Jason Wald

A Naranja player launches a half-court shot.
Jason Wald