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Portland Timbers vs. San Jose Earthquakes: How to watch, preview, match chat [1:00]

MLS: Portland Timbers at San Jose Earthquakes Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

After failing to win in their last five matches, the Portland Timbers are in danger of falling out of the playoffs today if they do not pick up at least a point against the San Jose Earthquakes.

At the end of today’s match, the Timbers could finish their season anywhere between 6th and 8th seed in the Western Conference. A win or a draw with an FC Dallas loss against Sporting Kansas City guarantees the 6th seed. A draw with an FC Dallas draw or loss, or a loss with an FC Dallas draw or loss puts the Timbers into 7th place. And a loss with an FC Dallas win puts the Timbers into 8th place and out of the playoffs.

If the Timbers can just not lose, they are in to the playoffs.

Of course, the Earthquakes need the Timbers to lose if they want to rise above the red line themselves. And, given the Timbers’ remarkable 3-0 loss to the Earthquakes early in the year there is plenty of reason to think that could happen.

While recent matches have been beset by bad bounces and narrow decisions from the referees, it has been the poor decisions from the Timbers that have left them in their current hole. Whether they make the playoffs or not, the Timbers are in need of an inspired performance today if they are going to show not just their fans but also themselves that they can make an impact in the post-season.


Storylines: “The season comes down to a 90-minute performance. A win or a tie and the Timbers make the playoffs, it’s that simple. They drop points and it’s time to scoreboard watching, an FC Dallas loss or tie against SKC, will be good enough to advance the Timbers as well.”

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Match Information

Watch it on: ESPN

Where: Providence Park in Portland, OR

When: Sunday, October 6th at 1:00 p.m. PT

Portland Timbers: 13-13-7, 6th place in the Western Conference, drew 2-2 at Sporting Kansas City

San Jose Earthquakes: 13-15-5, 8th place in the Western Conference, lost 1-0 at Seattle Sounders