All Quiet on the NWSL Front?

The league office being the league office it's always difficult to know whether to be concerned about stuff like this...but after a flurry of news about the possibilities for changes in 2020 the NWSL has gone silent over the past month to several weeks.

After the initial announcement the league hasn't confirmed officially that Olympique Lyonnais has partnered/bought into Reign FC. I can see several very innocuous reasons for that, but it does seem peculiar to have made the big news announcement and then not followed through with any sort of detail.

And, again, after an initial flurry the talk of expansion has completely died away. THAT seems more troubling than the OL news. With the NCAA draft less than two months away you'd think that the league would want to clarify things like date and rules for an expansion draft, whether there WILL be an expansion draft, and how it will affect players signed from the NCAA draft. Instead? Nothin'.

Given the league, it's also very reasonable to say "Forget it, Jake, it's the NWSL." The league still, even after seven years, never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity, so who the hell knows. But the silence seems sudden and complete, and as such makes things a trifle puzzling, at least.

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