Pass at a depth chart

Seems like most of the Timbers moves have been done at this point. Parades is rumored to be done (but not announced), still pursuing a backup right back, and trying to extend Ebo's contract.

Given that, here's my view of a two deep depth chart.

Goalie: Clark, Attinella

Right Back: Moreira, TBA

Right Center Back: Mabiala, Cascante

Left Center Back: Zuparek, Tuiloma

Left Back: Villafana, Farfan

Dmid1: Chara, Williamson

Dmid2: Parades, Zambrano

Right Attacker: Chara, Loria

Mid Attacker: Blanco, Valeri

Left Attacker: Ebo, Valeri

Striker: Niezgoda, Ebo, Mora

Couple of thoughts...

1) Yes, I struggle with where to start Valeri. But I'm assuming that the default mid attacker this year is Blanco and Valeri get's time on the wings, probably mostly left.

2) Ebo... I can't imagine he's ahead of Niezgoda right now, but I do think he's going to get a fair amount of starts... so probably on left wing.

3) I stayed with a 4-2-3-1... but I do think they've got more flexibility in players to try some variations. I'm also HOPING to see more pressing.

But overall when I glance at this, it feels like a pretty good roster and I think we're deeper than we've ever been (and so are a lot of other teams).

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