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Super Chará Bros: How the dynamic duo led Portland past Vancouver

The brothers put in heroic performances to rescue the Cascadia Kingdom.

SOCCER: NOV 01 MLS - Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Portland Timbers

There have been a multitude of partnerships throughout our world in pop culture and especially in sports. One of the most recognizable dynamic duos of all time is Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi. The brothers have starred in countless video games such as the beloved Super Mario and Super Smash Bros franchises.

Mario is “well-known in various lands” and is a “silent protagonist” who is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, according to the Luigi is the “younger, lesser-known brother.”

The Portland Timbers have their own pair of brothers that have been crucial to their success this season: Diego and Yimmi Chará, also known as the Super Chará Bros. Diego is 34 years old and has played 281 matches for the Portland Timbers. He is known all around MLS as one of the Timbers’ main protagonists and could be considered the hero, or Godfather, of the Cascadia Kingdom. The kingdom is always under threat from the evil Seattle Sounders, led by Bowser [Brian] Schmetzer, and the Van-Koopa Whitecaps.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC v Portland Timbers Photo by Soobum Im/Getty Images

Yimmi joined his brother in Portland after signing from Atlético Mineiro as a Designated Player to save the Cascadia Kingdom. Yimmi is the youngest Chará at 29 years old and has only made 19 appearances for the Timbers.

The duo helped the Timbers finish the season 4-1-1 in the Cascadia Kingdom. They both put in a heroic performance against the Van-Koopa Whitecaps to propel the Timbers to the top of the West for now.

Diego was instrumental in maintaining possession and dictating play. He kept the Timbers organized and is an experienced leader on the pitch. He is a constant outlet and pressure release valve. He moves the Timbers forward by carrying the ball forward and playing progressive passes. Diego splits defenses when it seems like there is nowhere to go. With the ball at his feet, it’s as if he jumps into a large green pipe and appears on the other side, avoiding all danger and launching the Timbers’ attack forward.

Diego had the most touches (107), progressive passes (13), passes into the final third (20), and most completed passes (88) in the match against the Whitecaps.

Diego also protects the Cascadia Kingdom with his positional awareness and great tackling ability. He breaks up counter attacks and recovers the ball with ease. Diego also led all players in pressures (22) and recoveries (12) and added two blocks and a tackle in his defensive third.

Yimmi was also influential, grabbing the game’s only goal. He had seven shot-creating actions — a match-high — and was tied with Jorge Villafaña for the most goal-creating actions. Yimmi also added four crosses and attempted a team-high four tackles.

In the second half, Yimmi was the team’s most influential offensive player. Everything was running through the younger Chará and in the 61st minute he fired in a SUPER finish.

Villafaña received the ball and lofted a cut-back cross to Yimmi, who created space for himself in the box. Villafaña’s ball fell to Yimmi’s foot and he wound up and smashed a green fireball into the back of the Van-Koopa net.

Both of the Chará Bros had to bring their ‘A’ game to beat the Whitecaps and rescue the Cascadia Kingdom. Diego and Yimmi put in a tag-team masterclass and solidified themselves as one of MLS’s most dynamic duos.

The Super Chará Bros have rescued the Cascadia Kingdom, but still have a lot of work to do before they can reclaim the MLS Cup from Bowser Schmetzer’s Castle.

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