Who is covering the Timbers in 2020?

As we stand (or sit or teeter) on the cusp of a new season for Portland Timbers Football Club, one particular dark cloud looms over my fandom. Yes, there are questions about the team’s defense. Yes, I wonder about how all the new additions will fit. But, that’s not what has me fretting today, because I love experiencing Timbers soccer win, lose, or draw. Indeed, the main thing I’m worried about is that aforementioned experiencing of the team in terms of information and content. Namely: Who on Earth is going to be covering this team? Journalistically, I mean. Jamie Goldberg is no longer on the Timbers Beat. Caitlin Murray is also a distant memory. The Athletic has assigned a Sounders fan to blanket the entire Northwest region.

Now, the Library tab in the masthead of the site you’re reading now has a long list of sites headed as "Timbers News/Blogs" for people like me who are starved for actual Timbers info. But friends, I have to say time has not been kind to this list. I went a-clickin’ and here is what I found for every News/Blog link:

OregonLive Timbers blog - "Page Not Found"

Slide Rule Pass - "Oops! That page can’t be found."

Timbers Insider - This page is now selling umbrellas for reasons that are unclear.

Oregon Sports - Now a college sports page

the axe - "The domain may be for sale. Please click here to inquire"

HashtagRCTID - Last post from 2013.

Soccer City USA - Huzzah! This may still be active!!

Dropping Timber - " is for sale (Dropping Timber) Click here to buy for $2,695"

NW Sports Beat (Timbers) - "Oops! That page can’t be found."

Columbian Timbers Blog - Last post in 2015

(I should pause here to say that I am not doing this to shame Stumptown Footy about outdated links. In fact, STF seems to be one of the last remaining entities covering the team, and for that I applaud and revere the staff here.)

I could speculate about the media landscape and conglomeration for the lack of actual news outlets covering the Timbers, but I’m not sophisticated enough to fully explain the total collapse of coverage. Perhaps it is truly the case that there is no monetizable market for independent news about an MLS team in Portland, and that all the volunteer bloggers are all burnt out and moved on It is starting to seem to me that there is only one single source that is paid a meaningful wage to investigate, report on, and convey information about the Portland Timbers and that one source is team employee, Richard Farley! Mr Farley is presumably a nice fellow who tries hard at his job, but his coverage is certainly angled towards his employer’s interests, which often diverge from the fans’ interest. I find myself idly wondering if Merritt Paulson thinks this is a troublesome leading indicator of the local market’s interest in his team, or if he thinks this is the greatest of all possible worlds where he and his minions can operate without any meaningful media scrutiny. In the end, that probably doesn’t even matter. I don’t want to dwell on that.

So, while it seems to me to be a sorry state of affairs, I don’t want to lose myself in gloom and doom. I will turn to you, the STF community, my brothers and sisters and xers and goodhearted siblings of all types: Do you have other sources for real, unfiltered, relevant, hardcore Timbers news that haven’t been covered here? Where are you getting your fix? Please share in the comments.

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