New TA Group in the Gorge


I am trying to set up a new TA group for those of us that live out in the gorge. Somehow, there has never been a group for our region. For the time being, I'm calling it the Columbia Gorge Garrison. The FB page is public and I hope to post locations of watch parties for each game this season (I'm going to the first game, so I won't be around this weekend). I'm trying to get a consistent watch party going, as it has becoming a little frustrating walking from bar to bar in Hood River, trying to find an open TV with sound. I've talked to both 64 and Crush, and both owners are interested in hosting. The owner of Crush is from Germany, is a huge football fan, and is willing to make his joint available for all games. Please pass the word around, join the group, and any Portlanders in the area, stop by and say Hi during a game. Hopefully, I'll get my act together by the first road trip, other fans will find the page, and we will have a big crew together.

Any designers are more than welcome to make us a logo. Currently the FB page is just a picture from the view point on the Mosier Tunnel Trail.

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