Timbers 2020 - A year that could go very very bad, very quick!

I am new to this community, but I have been talking to people for a while stating that this year's Timbers team is flawed and at a point where the saw blade has a few broken teeth. We have all heard the mantra that "You are only as strong as your weakest link". While this is true, I am more concerned with the choices made by the front office in regards to squad choices and the use of the DP spot on Yimi. We are flirting with disaster having a team relying on a soon to me group of 30 year old plus core group of players. Diego Chara is the ONLY guy manning the wall and if he gets injured our season is gone! He is the only thing protecting our back 4 from being possibly the league's worst.

Weaknesses: LB, RB, CB, CDM (Depth)

LB/RB: The short story is that we have two starting outside backs who provide almost no coverage in defense and are often out of place too far up the pitch. Neither of our starters have the speed or athleticism to get back and cover a flanking player. They also do not offer nearly enough going forward. I have never been a fan of Villafana, but we had strong players in Alvas Powell, Ridgwell & Zarek Valentin who was more defensive minded and could cover both sides.

The Fix: (1) We should have used a DP spot on a RB. I hope Yimmi proves me wrong and we win MLS Cup, but that DP spot was wasted on a position that we did not need. Players like a Reggie Cannon do not fall off trees. (2) We should have protected Zarek in the expansion draft. Moreira & Villafana should have been made available if possible instead, traded, or cut in my opinion givingthe LB position to Zarek or Marco. These moves would have made us much stronger defensively.

CB: It is early in the season, but I believe our Polish CB is a a steal and will be a long-term solution to one of the CB positions. Bill would be my starter over Larrys if healthy. Heck, I would take Cascantes over him now. Last year should have been his final year and the Timbers planning ahead to replace him. The league is getting faster and he is the total opposite. His danger in the opposing box on free kicks does not make up for his vulnerability.

The Fix: (1) Signed our Polish CB which I like and added another International CB with the spot create by Moreira not being on the roster. (2) Larrys should have retired. (3) Promoted our CB that came from ARMY and given Cascante a make or break season. (I know he makes mistakes, but it is better than just being run by)

CDM Depth: I am far more worried about the other Diego not named Valeri. If Chara goes down our season is done in my opinion. He will slow down even though he seems timeless. Parades is a #8 not a #6, so we have no backup plan if a CB & CDM get hurt since Tuiloma is our depth at both.

The Fix: Pray Chara is secretly a Cyborg who never slows down? We should have used our International Roster spot on looking for a pure #6 to develop.

Positives for the Front Office

I do not want to be too negative so here are the best things they have done in other areas.

(1) Signed Parades Long-Term

(2) Valeri is no longer occupying a DP spot.

(3) I really like Mora, Extending Ebobisse, & our new DP striker.

(4) Securing Clark's signature again & getting a long-term heir last year.

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