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Six Degrees: Kits

MLS: FORWARD25 Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1) These are terrible times. Our nation is run by racists and children and racist children. If you’re able to devote 100% of your time and energy and passion into fighting it, I wholeheartedly applaud you.

I’m not nearly so strong. I occasionally need to take a break. And when I do take a break, it’s often by thinking about soccer.

If you don’t want to take a break, you can stop reading now. There’s nothing important here.

But if you’re weak like me and want to briefly think about soccer, here’s some stuff. Specifically, some Timbers jerseys I made online.

2) What do you think? I tried to get the colors right, but this might be a little closer to yellow than gold. And should the green be darker? Still, I like the basic idea. We’ve never had a diagonal kit before. I’d wear one of these.

3) Here are two kits from the “off-centered cross” family. I like the second one a little better, but I’m not sure about the placement of the crest or the Alaska Airlines. Should we put the crest where the two lines meet?

4) Call me crazy, but I like a kit with a single vertical line. NYCFC’s kit has something like this, though with a thinner line. And I seem to recall a big thick vertical line a few years back from... San Jose, maybe? It’s a good look. Clean. Understated.

(You know, the more I look at these, the more convinced I am that the colors are off.)

5) Here are two options from the “multiple vertical lines” family. Or the “Juventus” family, if you will. The Timbers have experimented with horizontal lines, but I don’t think we’ve done vertical. Which of these do you like better, green line in the center or yellow line in the center? I think I’d go with green. Unless we just went with both, using one on the road and one at home.

6) And finally, my favorite: the sash. I don’t think #YouPeople fully appreciate the sash. Every time the Peru national team is on TV, everyone’s like, “Ohmigod, that red sash! Classic!” Well, why not have it every week at Providence Park? And we can have home and away jerseys just by reversing the colors.

So what do you think? Which one’s your favorite? Got a better idea? Here’s the website. Go make a few and post your favorite down in the comments.