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2021 NWSL Draft Open Thread [4:00 p.m. PT]

Come talk about the draft with us!

2020 NWSL Draft Photo by Jose Argueta/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Welcome to the 2021 NWSL Draft open thread, the perfect place to discuss everything happening in the draft with fellow Stumptown Footy readers.

Here we’ll update you with every pick in the draft as it happens, including all trades that may occur. The Portland Thorns themselves have a litany of picks, currently boasting the seventh, 12th, 22nd, 32nd, and 37th picks in this draft. As our very own Grant Little pointed out last week, they will most likely not be keeping all of these picks, but who knows! That’s the fun of draft night!

No matter what happens tonight, you’ll have your friends here at Stumptown Footy ready to discuss it. Now let’s get ready to have some fun!

2021 NWSL Draft Order

Every pick will be updated as it happens.

  1. Racing Louisville FC — Emily Fox, Defender/Midfielder, University of North Carolina
  2. Washington Spirit — Trinity Rodman, Forward, Washington State University
  3. Sky Blue FC — Brianna Pinto, Midfielder, University of North Carolina
  4. Kansas City (Via Sky Blue FC) — Kiki Pickett, Defender, Stanford
  5. Racing Louisville FC — Emina Ekic, Midfielder, University of Louisville
  6. Portland Thorns FC (Via Chicago Red Stars) — Yazmeen Ryan, Midfielder, Texas Christian University
  7. Chicago Red Stars (Via Portland Thorns FC) — Madison Haley, Forward, Stanford University
  8. Washington Spirit (Via Sky Blue FC) — Tara McKeown, Forward, University of Southern California
  9. Orlando Pride — Viviana Villacorta, Midfielder, UCLA
  10. North Carolina Courage — Deanne Rose, Forward, University of Florida
  11. Racing Louisville FC — Taylor Otto, Midfielder, University of North Carolina
  12. Portland Thorns FC — Sam Coffey, Midfielder/Forward, Penn State University
  13. Racing Louisville FC (Via Sky Blue FC) — Kirsten Davis, Forward, Texas Tech University
  14. Orlando Pride — Mikayla Colohan, Midfielder, Brigham Young University
  15. Kansas City — Victoria Pickett, Midfielder, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  16. Kansas City — Lucy Parker, Defender, UCLA
  17. Kansas City — Addie McCain, Midfielder, Texas A&M University
  18. Chicago Red Stars — Kelsey Turnbow, Forward, Santa Clara
  19. Washington Sprit — Anna Heilferty, Forward, Boston University
  20. North Carolina Courage — Alyssa Malonson, Defender, Auburn University
  21. Racing Louisville FC — Parker Goins, Forward, University of Arkansas
  22. Portland Thorns FC — Amirah Ali, Forward/Midfielder, Rutgers University
  23. Sky Blue FC — Taryn Torres, Midfielder, University of Virginia
  24. Orlando Pride — Kerry Abello, Forward, Penn State University
  25. Chicago Red Stars — Brianna Alger, Defender, Washington State University
  26. Houston Dash — Joelle Anderson, Midfielder/Forward, Pepperdine University
  27. Houston Dash — Makamae Gomera-Stevens, Forward, Washington State University
  28. OL Reign — Jimena Lopez, Defender, Texas A&M University
  29. Washington Spirit — Sydney Schneider, Goalkeeper, UNC-Wilmington
  30. North Carolina Courage — Myra Konte, Defender, Vanderbilt University
  31. Racing Louisville FC — Emily Smith, Defender, University of California Berkeley
  32. Chicago Red Stars (Via Portland Thorns FC) — Channing Foster, Forward/Midfielder, Ole Miss
  33. Sky Blue FC — Delanie Sheehan, Defender, UCLA
  34. Orlando Pride — Kaylie Collins, Goalkeeper, University of Southern California
  35. Chicago Red Stars — Alissa Gorzak, Forward, University of Virginia
  36. Kansas City — Alex Loera, Midfielder, Santa Clara University
  37. Portland Thorns FC — Hannah Betfort, Defender, Wake Forest University
  38. Kansas City — Brooklyn Entz, Midfielder, Kansas State University
  39. Washington Spirit — Mariana Speckmaier, Forward, Clemson University
  40. Sky Blue FC — Tess Boade, Forward/Midfielder, Duke University

Draft Trades

If a trade happens during the draft, you’ll find it here.

Sky Blue FC Trades the No. 4 pick for $175,000 in allocation money.

Thorns trade international slot, two picks for the No. 6 pick.

Sky Blue FC trades No. 8 pick for $100,000 in allocation money, second-round pick in 2022.

Sky Blue FC to get Jennifer Cudjoe back from Racing Louisville for $35,000 in allocation money and No. 13 pick.