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Farrelly, Shim, Morgan featured on Today Show

Watch the full interview below.

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Former Portland Thorns players Sinead Farrelly, Mana Shim and Alex Morgan appeared on The Today Show this morning to speak about the allegations of abuse, misconduct and sexual coercion by former Thorns coach Paul Riley as reported by Meg Linehan of The Athletic.

Shim spoke about wanting more justice for players and the need for better policies to protect players in the National Women’s Soccer League. Shim went on to explain that she was sexually harassed by Riley and her and Farrelly’s careers were taken away from them by Riley.

Farrelly said that the support and validation of her story and experiences from people around the world had given her pain purpose.

“It felt like it has given my pain purpose,” said Farrelly on the Today Show. “And that has been a liberation for me that I have not been able to feel for 10 years.”

Morgan called for the league to be more proactive in protecting its players. She described the NWSL as dealing with issues in a very reactive manner. Morgan also called for the league to be more transparent.

Clips of the Today Show segment can be viewed below. The entire segment is available in the last link below.

The entire Today Show segment can be viewed below: