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What they said: Quotes from the Timbers’ 2-1 loss to Minnesota

Here’s what Giovanni Savarese and Felipe Mora had to say after Portland’s 2-1 loss to Minnesota.

MLS: Portland Timbers at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Even though they put together an early score thanks to another strike from Felipe Mora, the Portland Timbers gave up two second-half goals and fell to Minnesota United 2-1. It was a frustrating result for a team that had put together a string of exciting games.

Here are some choice quotes from the Timbers’ press conference last night.

Portland Timbers Head Coach Giovanni Savarese

On Felipe Mora’s current form...

“He’s been playing very, very well. He scored a phenomenal goal the other day [and] today as well, very similar, I think the one today was even more difficult. He’s been playing great; I mean not only because of the goal but the things that he does on the field. He’s building up his stamina, he’s building up his strength and little-by-little he’s gonna continue to grow more. We’re going to see a lot more from him, I’m sure. So far what he’s done [in] the past game and this game, I mean he is a very important component of this team.”

On the effects of three matches in eight days...

“We have a little more time to be able to rest, to prepare for the match against [LA] Galaxy on Friday and for us it’s important to recoup and get everybody back ready to be able to perform. As I said, it’s difficult when you have to play against a team that is rested [and] that had a full week to prepare. For us, I just have to say that my players gave everything on the field and for me that’s the most important point.”

On the two goals allowed...

“The first goal was just an individual moment. They cannot score that goal so unfortunately; they took advantage of one moment. It’s not a defensive moment or mistake from the team, it was just something that unfortunately happened at that time. The second goal was on a counter. Unfortunately, as I said, when you’re tired it’s difficult to close the spaces and [Robin] Lod found the space, he received the ball in a good place and was able to be clinical in his finish. No concerns defensively, of course both have to do with the fact that we should have done better in those moments, but overall, defensively we were very strong today. That [defense] is not the issue. We just have to continue to grow on keeping the ball, which we did in some moments very well today, but not enough in order to make sure that we have more control, even when we play away, but we’re on the [right] path. We’re working on it, and now that the guys are getting back physically stronger, then we can see that.”

Portland Timbers Forward Felipe Mora

On his goals in the past two matches...

“It was a very good game, it’s always good to score. Unfortunately, we couldn’t win, but I’m happy we are improving.”

On being in the position to score the headers in the last two games...

“We trained in the week for all types of goals. But this game and the way that it has gone, I’m short and I’m determined, and I think the defenders think that I’m not there, and that’s why I’ve been able to score with my head.”