Yellow Card final tally

A melancholy final writing here, I was hoping to talk about a team that both set a record for yellows in a season and also made the playoffs. Unfortunately I can only acknowledge one of these facts.

We set the record! Both the timbers and houston finished on 91 for the season, one more than the previous mark by the 2018 rapids squad. And what is one thing all three have in common? None were playoff teams. Now I am not implying causation, but the correlation is intriguing.

In doing a deeper dive over the past five seasons, the highest YC totals (excluding the shortened 2020 season) are;

Year Team YCs Pts playoffs?

2022 Timbers 91 46 no

2022 Houston 91 36 no

2018 Colorado 90 31 no

2022 Colorado 89 34 no

2016 Colorado 83 58 yes(2nd west)

2022 NYRB 83 34 no

Noticeably, this is a list of mediocre to bad squads with one outlier. Further, 2022 really did see a league wide shift in a higher tally.

All this to say, the team may have fallen short of expectations, the front office might be a dumpster fire full of caustic medical waste and the roster is full of aging question marks and largely unproven youth talent, but the 2022 timbers are in fact, record holders.

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