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Match recap & highlights: Portland Thorns 3 - 0 Angel City FC

Christine Sinclair’s brace and Kelli Hubly’s first professional goal powers Portland past Angel City.

NWSL: Angel City FC at Portland Thorns FC Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Thorns returned home to take on Angel City FC, and powered past the expansion side to the tune of a 3-0 victory in the friendly confines of Providence Park. Kelli Hubly opened the scoring with her first professional goal, and the greatest international goal scorer of all time, Christine Sinclair, added two more to her account to seal the win.

The first half started out fairly even but in the 15th minute a service in found Hubly who scored her first professional goal. Portland’s second goal of the evening followed shortly after in the 18th minute when Hina Sugita found Sinclair who found the back of the net easily.

In the second half, Sinclair pocketed her brace by heading home a Janine Beckie cross in the 68th minute. Despite Angel City’s efforts, the Thorns were able to preserve the clean sheet.

The lineup was largely similar to the game on May 28th. Emily Menges was still out due to injury and Meghan Klingenberg was out due to an excused absence.

1’ The game kicked off in Providence park with Angel City starting on the ball.

1’ Early attack for Portland that bounced around around the box but in the end was not successful.

6’ Portland with an early effort, Smith to Sinclair but Haracic made a split second save to keep the game at 0-0.

6’ Coffey’s corner served in but Haracic tips it away, another close call.

8’ LA with their first chance but it went straight to Bella Bixby

10’ Another Portland opportunity stopped by Haracic. Sinclair and Smith again connected.

13’ Smith raced ahead of the LA defenders but no Thorns are there to support and the chance didn’t amount to anything.

14’ Sam Coffey served the ball in after a foul by LA, and she earned a corner.

15’ And a goal for Portland! The goal came from Coffey’s service to Hubly whose header put it in the net. Her first professional goal was a beauty.

18’ AND ANOTHER for Portland. Sinclair finished off of a pass from Sugita after a moment of high pressure.

20’ LA with a cross from Lussi who was looking for Charley but Bixby collectected.

21’ Sophia Smith went looking for another Portland goal but she was just wide.

22’ And Sophia Smith earned a yellow for her foul on Tyler Lussi. A goal from Janine Beckie was called back due to the foul.

24’ Smith was looking for a goal but Haracic came up with a save.

26’ Charley went the other way and almost brought one up for LA but in the end it goes out of play.

28’ Christen Press with her first opportunity of the game, but it went just over the bar.

37’ Free kick for Angel City. McCaskill served it in to Gilles but it went just over the bar.

40’ Haracic with a diving save to stop a cross from finding Sugita.

One minute of stoppage time was announced at the end of the first half, but neither team did too much and the half ended with the Thorns leading 2-0.

45’ The Thorns started with the ball as the second half kicked off.

48’ LA with a corner kick that didn’t amount to anything.

49’ And another corner for LA taken by Endo but a foul committed on Portland returned possession to the Thorns.

50’ Third LA corner in a row but it led to a goal kick for Portland.

53’ And another LA corner, McCaskill to take it this time, but it went straight to Bixby.

54’ Angel City with their fourth corner, this time it was taken by Endo. Cleared away by Sinclair.

55’ Press had a shot on goal that led to another LA corner, this one played short but was cleared away.

56’ Christen Press with a cross that fell just behind Charley.

56’ Sophia Smith worked through three Angel City defenders but her near post shot was finally stopped by Haracic, earning Portland a corner.

57’ Coffey with a shot just wide after the ball bounced around the LA box.

59’ Bella Bixby with another save to preserve her clean sheet. She stopped Simone Charley at the near post.

60’ Sam Coffey went down for the Thorns, earning a free kick.

63’ LA with another corner, taken by Endo. It is served to the top of the box but finds Bixby’s hands.

65’ LA’s shot from Roccaro goes off the crossbar. McCaskill with the service.

66’ LA with their 11th corner of the night, McCaskill’s service finds Charley but the ball went over the crossbar.

68’ Sinclair with her second goal of the night! Beckie’s cross found Sinclair’s head and the ball found the back of the net.

69’ 12th corner kick for LA, however it was yet again unsuccessful.

70’ Yazmeen Ryan comes on for Rocky Rodriguez in Portland’s first substitution of the night.

72’ Beckie with a shot that in the end went wide.

76’ Morgan Weaver came on for Sinclair and Gabby Provenzano went on for Sauerbrunn.

78’ Sophia Smith was looking for her first goal of the night but was unsuccessful.

79’ Corner kick for Portland, taken by Smith who bounced it in but was unable to find a Thorn.

81’ Press tried to get one back for LA but was unable to find the target.

82’ And another corner kick for LA, this time taken by Taylor. It once again didn’t amount to anything.

85’ Beckie looking for a goal but was ultimately just wide.

88’ Taylor Porter on for Sugita and Maddison Pocharch comes on for Beckie.

Three minutes of stoppage time came to an end and the Thorns won 3-0.

The Thorns next play the San Diego Wave on June 8th in San Diego.