Yellows record revisit

Back in May, I had updated the narrative of the Timbers record setting pace for Yellows in a season, and with another reader posting about the potential to also break the ties record I thought I would come back to the yellow race once more.

For a reminder, the record is set by the Rapids in 2018 at 90 in a season.

The timbers at present sit on 73yc/25g at this pace, we continue to be well on pace to slide into the record spot with a handful of games to spare with a pace just short of 100 total by the end of the year. What seemed to be a curious fluke start to the season continues as a full season trend, is this a record we should be rooting for this squad to take home?

Other fun facts; Houston sits at 72yc with a game in hand, it's a two horse race at this point for this record, who gets it? Colorado is on pace to break their own record and still fall well short of both Portland and Houston.

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