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Portland Timbers reveal new 2023 primary jersey

The Portland Plaid Kit is indeed very plaid and on-brand.

Craig Mitchelldyer-Portland Timbers

It’s MLS jersey drop day folks, and the Portland Timbers have joined in the fun.

The Timbers revealed their “Portland Plaid” primary jersey this morning via social media. Featuring a woven plaid pattern, the jersey is meant to reflect “the tight-knit relationship between the club and the community,” according to the club’s press release.

Craig Mitchelldyer-Portland Timbers

The jersey features ponderosa, shadow green and gold, with the signature Adidas three stripes adoring the shoulder. The jock tag of the jersey features a badge showcasing slices of the victory log — Portland’s most iconic goal (and clean sheet) celebration tradition.

Additionally, the Timbers (along with all other MLS teams) will wear an Apple TV patch on the left sleeve of all of their jerseys in 2023, reflecting the new broadcasting deal between Apple and MLS. The TikTok logo appears to no longer be featured on the right sleeve as well.

Craig Mitchelldyer - Portland Timbers

The jersey will replace Portland’s two-tone primary jerseys from the past two seasons. The new kit will make its grand debut on Portland’s first game of the MLS season on February 25, when they face Sporting Kansas City at Providence Park at 7:30 p.m.

The Portland Plaid jersey will join last year’s Heritage Rose jersey as the Timbers’ two uniform choices for the 2023 season.

After the divisive (heh) reaction to the last primary jersey Portland unveiled in 2021, fan reception to this jersey seems to generally be more positive. The Timbers are leaning into one of the more recognizable motifs of the city and state by designing the jersey to be plaid, and in general the jersey appears to be more cohesive than the two-tone options from two years ago.

Full judgment of the jersey should of course be reserved until they are seen live and on the field. The shirt appears to have some smaller details, and how well those come across from a distance will be the true indication of the jersey’s staying power. Nonetheless, the color choices and placement for the jersey accentuate and compliment each individual component, and the jersey itself has a signature and focused look.

Between the colors, motifs and prominent plaid one thing can’t be denied: this is definitely a Portland Timbers jersey.

You can read the team’s full press release on the jersey, and get one for yourself if you want, here.

What do you think? Is the Portland Plaid jersey a winner? Or does it make you more “green in the face”? Let us know in the comments!