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Stumptown Footy Meetup: Let's Do This Thing

Meet your fellow Stumptown Footy readers this Saturday when we take in the final match of the regular season at Rose City Futsal.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

It has taken way too long, but when the Portland Timbers take on Chivas USA this weekend we will be having the first ever Stumptown Footy meetup. Exciting, right?

We will be meeting up at Clive's Public House at Rose City Futsal put faces to screen-names and to watch the Timbers' final chance to secure a first place berth in the Western Conference playoffs.

Let us know below if you intend on coming to Rose City Futsal this weekend.

General Information

What: A Meetup for everyone who reads Stumptown Footy

Where: Clive's Public House at Rose City Futsal.

When: Kick off is at 7:30, but we'll be there before that.

In the previous meetup thread there was some talk of paying a game of pickup futsal. According to the RCF folks, renting a field for an hour costs $80, so if enough people want to play, maybe we can put something together before the game. Let us know in the comments if you want to put something together.

As far as the merch, swag, and other prospects go, they are still coming together. I will update those possibilities as we get closer to this weekend.