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Art Takeover Saturday to Benefit Bless Field

Thirty different pennant designs will be available tomorrow, followed by a fundraising party for Operation Pitch Invasion.

Art Takeover

Art Takeover 2013, the second annual art show and fundraiser masterminded by the folks over at Factory North, is tomorrow. This year, Art Takeover have organized 30 pennants, featuring famous phrases from the songs of the Timbers Army and designed by a group of talented local artists, to benefit Operation Pitch Invasion and their ambitious plan to build Bless Field in the New Columbia neighborhood.

The day will start off with 30 of each pennant being sold in a "pop-up shop" at Coava Coffee (1300 SE Grand Avenue). The pennants will be available from the time they open at 7 in the morning to their close at 6 in the evening. If the enthusiasm for last year's posters, when there was a line from dawn to dusk in 100 degree heat, is any indication, you may want to come early to get your pick.

When Coava closes, however, the fun is just beginning and the proceedings will move to an event space (1050 SE Water Avenue) for a party featuring a silent auction, some Portland Timbers player appearances, food, and, of course, beer.

All of this should put a big dent in the approximately $200,000 that Operation Pitch Invasion needs to raise to complete Bless Field. According to Shawn Levy, a board member of Operation Pitch Invasion, if every pennant sells tomorrow OPI could raise as much as 10 to 20% of the funds needed for Bless Field. With the money from Art Takeover 2013, as well as partnerships with the Timbers, 107IST, several corporate sponsors, and the Portland Housing Authority, Bless Field could be close to 2/3's funded.

The goal for Bless Field, according Levy, is to have neighborhood children playing on it by the start of the 2014 Major League Soccer season. OPI has already completed a survey of the lot, had soil analysis done, and commissioned architectural plans for the field. Ground will not be broken on the field, however, until the full amount needed has been raised.

When it is completed, Bless Field will be adjacent to a Boys and Girls Club and an elementary school, and will be available to use for all of the over 1200 school aged children in the area.