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Stumptown Footy's coverage of community events.

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Traveling to Seattle; Anyone need a ride?

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The 2013 Timbers: A New Hope

Friar-Tuck takes a look at the Timbers as characters in Star Wars.

Stumptown Footy Meetup: Not Tomorrow, But Soon

We all want a Stumptown Footy meetup to happen, but it wont be this weekend. Let's figure out when and where in here.

Stumptown Footy Meet Up: Who's In?

We are going to make this happen. Check in and let us know if you are interested.

Art Takeover Tomorrow to Benefit Bless Field

Thirty different pennant designs will be available tomorrow, followed by a fundraising party for Operation Pitch Invasion.

Timbers' Stand Together Week Kicks Off

On Sunday morning the Timbers' started a week of community service projects that you can get involved in.

Art Takeover 2013: This Time It's Pointier

Last year Art Takeover released a series of posters to raise money for Operation Pitch Invasion, this year they are doing something a little different.

Timbers Stand Together, You Can Join Them

The Portland Timbers are taking part in a number of community service activities next week and you are invited to join them.