Edson Martínez - Portland Timbers Academy - Legend HiLights - Episode 1


"I usually know what they will want to do with the ball, because I'll just put myself in there position" -Edson Martínez

Paco Thomas - Clark College - Legend HiLights - Episode 2


"An American who has led another country's premier league in scoring"

Hassani Dotson - Oregon State - Legend HiLights - Episode 3


"Well, they reckon in these parts he is a player with the world at his feet" -John Champion, ESPN

Merritt Paulson is excited. Real excited.


Find something that makes you as happy as Merritt Paulson when the Timbers score a goal.

New renders of Providence Park expansion


Includes a view from the south end, outside the park.

David Guzman's Transition to MLS


I wrote a short thing about David Guzman for MLS.

WoSoZone 2017 Preview Podcast: Portland Thorns


In Kieran Theivam and JJ Duke's NWSL 2017 Season Preview Podcasts, they discuss team dynamics, potential for the season, and predictions. In their Portland Thorns episode, Theivam and Duke touch on Parsons's 100% success record in getting his team to the NWSL Semis, as well as the effect the Euros will have on the team. Their interview with Menges discusses the integrity of the team, as well as hope for the future.