Timbers contract/protection status


I tried to consolidate all of the info from today's press releases in one graphic. The midfield positions are pretty approximate--in particular, I have a very hazy memory of Brett and Polk's positions.

Diego Chara: The Heart


We always love the big tifo that the Timbers Army roll out, but the two-sticks that folks bring every match are pretty darn good as well. This week Roscoe Myrick sent along this two-stick celebrating Diego "El Corazon" Chara.

"We're gonna ride this bull all the way!"


We had a sneaking suspicion that the Timbers Army Tifo Crew was going to bring it tonight. They took that suspicion and completely blew it away. Photo by Roscoe Myrick

From Jack to King


The Timbers Army were once again on their banner game, this time breaking out a tribute to Jack Jewsbury, who played his 325th MLS game tonight.

I created a Timbers Cascadia Kit


I'm surprised none of the Cascadia teams have made a Cascadia kit yet so I thought I'd try my hand at one. I like using the whole kit for the flag's colors instead of trying to get all of them just on the jersey. I think the colors are perfect for Timbers with the white & green and the blue would definitely make a splash in Portland. Please let me know what you think!

Timbers Army's Season Opening Tifo


"May we face and endure every winter with spring . . . forever on our mind." -Tom McCall's farewell address to the Oregon Legislature in 1975