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Portland Timbers 2 vs. Seattle Sounders 2: Preview, How to Watch, Live Stream [7:00]

Jeremiah Mitchell Breaback

The Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders are bitter rivals. That is just the way it is. So, it should come as no surprise that tonight's match between Portland Timbers 2 and Seattle Sounders 2 has some heat to it as well.

Although the two "2" sides have only met once, it was a contentious match that saw the Sounders grab victory from the jaws of defeat and hand T2 their first ever loss. This time T2 will be looking to send Sounders 2 home with nothing to show for it in what should be an interesting match.


"After these two teams face each other tonight at Merlo Field they will do it again just a few days later on Wednesday the 27th back up in Tukwila. S2 got to play host in the second round and will do so again in the third round. Seemingly getting the same luck of the draw in coin flips that their first team has seen over the years."

Match Information

Watch it on: Streaming on or embedded below

Kickoff: 7:00 pm pacific at Merlo Field in Portland, OR

Portland Timbers 2: 3-3-2, 7th place in the USL Western Conference

Seattle Sounders 2: 5-3-1, 2nd place in the USL Western Conference

Live Stream