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The Path to the Playoffs: Deciding the Cascadia Cup

MLS has three midweek games today, including the Cascadia Cup match up between the Whitecaps and Sounders. So who should we root for this week?


When the Vancouver Whitecaps take on the Seattle Sounders tonight at CenturyLink Park, they will need at least a tie win to have any chance at taking home the Cascadia Cup. With the fate of the Cup hanging in the balance, and the Timbers' spot in the standings potentially on the line as well, this is going to be a pivotal night of matches in Major League Soccer.

So, who should Timbers fans be rooting for tonight?

Sporting Kansas City at Houston Dynamo

Wednesday, 5:30 pm, MLS Live

Root For: Houston Dynamo

Why? While the Eastern Conference is no longer going to affect the West, we still want the teams in the East to come into the playoffs with as few points as possible so that if the Timbers make it to the MLS Cup Final they will have the best possible chance of hosting (because that would be awesome).

Vancouver Whitecaps at Seattle Sounders

Wednesday, 7:00 pm, ROOT Sports

Root For: Vancouver Whitecaps

Why? If the Whitecaps can turn Seattle's recent stumble into an all out slide, it will be all the better for the Timbers this Sunday when the Sounders come to town. A Seattle win here would put the Sounders at 54 points and make them very difficult to catch in the standings, even if the Timbers can win when the two sides meet this weekend. Plus, ACES.

Colorado Rapids at San Jose Earthquakes

Wednesday, 7:30 pm, MLS Live

Root For: Tie.

Why? But Will, you say, don't we want to make sure that the Rapids can't pass the Timbers in the standings? Of course that is true, but it is equally important that San Jose, and their loathsome assortment of goons and thugs, are kept out of the playoffs. Plus, a win for San Jose puts them within striking distance of the Timbers on the table while a win for Colorado simultaneously drops the Timbers into 4th and puts them just two points away from clinching a playoff spot. In a match full of conflicting emotions, my dislike for Steven Lenhart shines through the strongest.

Disagree with the my picks? Let me know in the comments. Plus, if you are going to be watching any of these games, feel free to discuss them here.