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Three Members of the Portland Timbers are in the 2013 SB Nation Best XI

Donovan Ricketts, Will Johnson, and Diego Valeri all were nominated to the 2013 SB Nation Best XI as the Timbers left their mark on the league this year.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers have been raking in the plaudits in the SB Nation awards so far this year with Donovan Ricketts being named the Keeper of the Year and Caleb Porter the coach of the year. The trend continued yesterday with Ricketts, Will Johnson, and Diego Valeri all being named to the SB Nation Best XI.

The Timbers were the only team with multiple players elected to the Best XI this year in a line-up that skews toward the attacking side of things. The formation chosen could charitably be called a 3-4-3, although a 3-3-4 (or even 3-2-5) might be more accurate. Will Johnson, the lone "defensive" midfielder on the team, was the least voted-for field player to make the Best XI with 13 votes.

Ricketts, Johnson, and Valeri joined Chris Klute, Matt Besler, Jose Goncalves, Tim Cahill, Mike MageeMarco Di Vaio, Robbie Keane, and Camilo Sanvezzo in the 2014 Best XI. Goncalves is the SB Nation defender of the year, while everyone outside of the defense has received some measure of MVP chatter this season.

Who would you select for the MLS Best XI? What if you wanted a team that might actually function on defense? Let us know in the comments.