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2013 Portland Timbers Player Rankings #23: Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller was signed last off season with the expectation that he would play significant minutes at the right back position.

Steve Dykes

Singed during the off season before the 2013 season Ryan Miller returned to the MLS after 4 years in the Swedish leagues. After helping his Swedish club gain promotion to the top league in Sweden he was out of contract and the Portland Timbers signed him on a free.

2012 Rank: N/A


Stacey Ryan Will Michael Average Rank
23 22 24 22 22.75 #23

2013 was a rough year for Ryan Miller as he went from 30 starts in Sweden to just 7 appearances for the Portland Timbers, with four starts, during the 2013 campaign. Ryan did earn a few early starts before making his way to the bench as Caleb Porter looked for a right back for his system and this coupled with a lengthy knee injury forced took Ryan out of the starting line-up.


Stacey Ryan Will Michael Average Rank
25 23 16 24 22 22

Ryan Miller was signed in hopes that he could be a regular contributor at the right back position. It was not meant to be as the Portland Timbers did not exercise their option on his contract and he was sent to the Re-Entry Draft.