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The Stumptown Footy Over/Under Challange Results: The League

The season is over and the results are in. First we look at the predictions for the league as a whole.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

At the start of the season we presented you, and local stats-guru Mike Donovan (aka "Vegas Mike"), with the Stumptown Footy Over/Under Challange. Now, after a long, long season let's take a look back at your picks. First up are the league-wide stats.

MLS Stats

Longest Suspension

Under (3/6.5)

Correct Picks: 84% (77/92)

Vegas Mike said: Under

Unlike last year and the year before, there were no absolutely ludicrous moments in MLS that necessitated extended suspensions from the disciplinary committee. (Despite the continued employment of Steven Lenhart.)

Golden Boot Winner Goals

Over (Camilo Sanvezzo - 22/18.5)

Correct Picks: 80% (74/92)

Vegas Mike said: Over

Thanks to a last minute goal-scoring burst with eight goals in his last six games, including a hat-trick in his last game of the season, Camilo put himself into sixth place on the all-time list of goalscorers in a single season. Of the players currently active in MLS, only Chris Wondolowski has scored more in a single season.

Mike Magee and Marco Di Vaio also broke the 20-goal barrier this year, marking the first time in the modern era of MLS (since 2003) that multiple players have done so. All-time it is the second time that three players have scored more than 20 goals, with the first time coming in MLS's inaugural season in 1996.


Over (8/6.5)

Correct Picks: 62% (57/92)

Vegas Mike said: Over

Coming into the final month of the year, MLS was teetering on the edge of making the over. It was a pair of hat-tricks from the Vancouver Whitecaps that finally did it with Kekutah Manneh and Camilo each earning one in October.

Robbie Keane was the only player to pick up multiple hat-tricks this year as he scored one in each of the LA Galaxy's vital wins against Real Salt Lake and the Seattle Sounders.

Longest Shutout Streak

Over (Jimmy Nealson - 546/400)

Correct Picks: 51% (47/92)

Vegas Mike said: Under

Nealson's shutouts streak was the 5th longest in MLS history. In 2012 Nealson also had the longest shutout streak at 414 minutes, only 132 minutes short of this year's mark.

Colombians in MLS

Under (19/19.5)

Correct Picks: 43% (40/92)

Vegas Mike said: Over

The popular new nationality in MLS is no longer Colombia. For 2013, Argentina was the flavor of the year with Diego Valeri and Claudio Bieler among the high profile signings from there.

Canadians in MLS

Over (19/12.5)

Correct Picks: 53% (49/92)

Vegas Mike said: Under

There was a surprisingly low number of Canadians in MLS last year despite the entry of MLS's third Canadian team, the Montreal Impact, into the league. Between a strong draft and several homegrown signings, however, the number of Canadians in the league grew considerably in 2013.

0-0 Ties

Under (19/20.5)

Correct Picks: 52% (48/92)

Vegas Mike said: Over

The percentage of 0-0 ties in soccer remains fairly consistent year over year, so this one was always going to be close. The biggest day of the year for 0-0 ties was June 20th, when the New York Red Bulls tied Toronto FC, Montreal tied FC Dallas, and the Philadelphia Union tied the Portland Timbers.


Under (18594/18900)

Correct Picks: 17% (16/92)

Vegas Mike said: Over

Plenty has been written about the drop off in MLS attendance this year, although most of it can probably be attributed to what looked like single digit attendance at Chivas USA games this season.