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The History of the Portland Timbers' Draft Picks

The Timbers' have picks 17, 26, 36, 39, 71, and 73, but they are not the first to draft in those places. Let's take a look at those who have come before.

Joe Robbins

In 2011 the Portland Timbers had only two picks in the first four rounds of the draft; in 2012 they had four picks in the first four rounds; last year the Timbers had only three picks in the first four rounds.

This year the Timbers have six picks over the four rounds of the 2014 MLS Superdraft.

Of course, the Timbers did pretty well for themselves in 2013 and the picks are not very far up the draft order. So, what kind of players might still be available with the Timbers picks? Let's take a look at the players taken since MLS instituted the Superdraft in 2000.


Cameron Knowles, Lawson Vaughn, Osei Telesford, Tino Nunez, Joe Anderson, Pablo Punyed, Kevin Olali

Of the players taken with pick #73, the first, Cam Knowles, certainly saw the field the most, although most of it was with the USL Timbers. Lawson Vaughn, however, made the most impact in MLS, playing 44 games for Chivas USA and DC United before getting cut and retiring in 2010.


Ali John Utush, Roberto Navarro, Doug Lascody, John Queely, Sal Caccavale, Tim Bohnenkamp, Paul Ogunyemi, Tim Pontius, Mitchell Cardenas

The #71 pick has yet to yield a player that stuck around even as long as Lawson Vaughn. Former Timbers U-23 player Paul Ogunyemi was picked here by FC Dallas in 2011, but was not able to stick around with the team.


Bo Oshoniyi, McKinley Tennyson, Kevin Sakuda, Jamil Walker, Phil Hucles, Karim Dietz, Jeff Carroll, Mike Sambursy, Matt Marquess, Kyle Hall, Chris Schuler, Steven Perry, Evan James, Ryan Clark

With the #39 pick we start to see some players who left their mark on MLS. Bo Oshoniyi won a title with the Kansas City Wizards in 2000 and went on to play goal for them for the next six years, mostly as a backup to Tony Meola.

Were it not for a hip injury that forced him into early retirement, McKinley Tennyson could have been an excellent striker in MLS after putting in his two years (and 29 goals) with the USL Timbers.

Chris Schuler will be remembered by Timbers fans for his excellent performances against Portland this last year as a part of RSL's always fearsome back-line.


Fabio Zuniga, Eric Lukin, Dipsy Selolwane, Josh Saunders, Michael Bradley, Thabiso Khumalo, Chris Dunsheath, Justin Hughes, Adrian Chevannes, Brandon Barklage, Nick Cardenas, Colin Givens, Sebastian Velsquez, Luis Soffner

While there are several solid players who are contributing in MLS right now on this list, the biggest name on there is Michael Bradley. Yes, that Michael Bradley. Roma Michael Bradley. USMNT Michael Bradley. That Michael Bradley.


Jeff DiMaria, Kerwyn Jemmott, Steve Totten, Phil Swenda, Olivier Occean, Aaron Lopez, Ryan Johnson, Corey Ashe, Peter Lowry, Lyle Adams, Kwame Watson-Siriboe, Demitrius Omphroy, Aubrey Perry, Don Anding

Olivier Occean may never have played a minute in MLS, but that is thanks to him being picked up by Norway's Odd Grenland while in preseason training in Europe. If the New York MetroStars could have held on to him, Occean could have been one of the best strikers in the club's history. Instead, he has played throughout Europe.

Ryan Johnson and Corey Ashe are familiar names to fans of MLS. Both have been MLS regulars and both have spent time with their national teams since joining the league.


Martin Machon, Stephen Herdsman, Craig Capano, Tim Regan, Will Hesmer, Kevin Goldthwaite, Jozy Altidore, Greg Dalby, Alex Nimo, Brad Ring, Toni Stahl, Bobby Warshaw, Enzo Martinez, Taylor Kemp

Like the #36 pick, there is one name in this list that stands above the rest: Alex Nimo Jozy Altidore. He may be currently struggling with Sunderland in the British Premier League, but Altidore is far and away the best footballer on this list.


Many of the players picked in the Superdraft never make a team, most hardly make the field, and only a select few actually contribute to their team's success on the field. Still, those that do make a difference can come throughout the draft.

Will you find a Darlington Nagbe caliber player with the 73rd pick? Or even the 17th? Probably not, but you won't find out until you try.