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The Brent Richards Appreciation Thread

Brent Richard's name will forever be in etched in the Portland's history book as the first ever Home Grown Player for the MLS era Timbers.

Steve Dipaola

Brent Richards signed with the Portland Timbers on January 4th 2012 as Portland's first ever Home Grown Player. Brent had a very successful collegiate career and during the College off season played for the U-23 Timbers. During his time with the U-23's Brent scored 26 goals and recorded 12 assist and was on the 2010 team, which had a perfect 16-0 season and won the PDL Championship.

Brent's time with the full MLS side was limited to only 6 appearances over his two seasons and only two starts. His two starts and four appearances as a sub came after the firing of John Spencer in the 2012 season. His 2013 season was affected by a knee injury that occurred before the season even started.

Brent was a very promising young player who had some aerial ability and a nose for the goal. His leadership on the undefeated 2010 U-23 team helped secure the PDL championship at Jeld-Wen Field in a very tight game. He was a great ambassador and example for all the players currently in club affiliated with the Portland Timbers and always had a smile for the fans.

Good luck to Brent and hopefully we see him on the pitch again soon.


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