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2013 Portland Timbers Player Rankings #11: Futty Danso

The first half of the "Great Wall of Gambia" comes in at number eleven.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Futty Danso is the longest tenured Portland Timbers player and entered the season far down the depth chart. By the end of the season he was the de facto starter alongside Pa Modou Kah in one of the league's most effective defenses.

2012 Rank: 23


Rank Average Stacey Ryan Will Michael
11 11.25 11 10 12 12

Like just about every defender on the Timbers' roster not named Michael Harrington, Futty's 2013 season was defined by injuries, both to himself and to those that he played with. After David Horst's early season injury, Futty found himself starting alongside Mikael Silvestre, Andrew Jean-Baptiste, and Pa Modou Kah. Unfortunately, Futty soon went down with a knock of his own, missing most of the summer thanks to a "foot injury", as the team called it.

The end of the season saw Futty's return to health and his pairing with Pa Modou Kah in the center of the defense as the Timbers made their first ever run into the playoffs. The "Great Wall of Gambia" started six games together to close out the season, posting five shutouts along the way. Their defensive effort was somewhat less sterling in the playoffs themselves, allowing seven goals in four games.


Potential Rank
18 14
27 17

The Timbers have openly professed their desire to sign another centerback for the team and they will not be aiming for anything less than starting quality. Futty will have this new face to contend with for the starting spot in addition to Silvestre who will be returning from his early-2013 knee surgery. With Kah receiving plaudits as one of the best defenders in the league (even if they most came from Simon Borg), Futty's competition to start along side his fellow Gambian will be fierce next season.