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2013 Portland Timbers Player Ratings #8: Rodney Wallace

The much maligned Rodney Wallace moved from the left back position to the left midfield position and enjoyed a career year in 2013.

Steve Dykes

Rodney Wallace was one of the players Caleb Porter moved to a different position in order to get more out of them than before. After a career treading water as a left back the move was exactly what Rodney Wallace needed.

2012 Rank: 20


Stacey Ryan Will Michael Average Rank
10 9 8 6 8.25 8

2013 was a year of resurgence for Wallace. His move to the left midfield position put him in a position to succeed and showed just how out of position he was during his first four years of his MLS career. He recorded career marks in goals (7), assists (6), shots (49) and shots on goal (18). In fact he scored more goals than he had in his first four seasons combined, he had 6 career goals before the 2013 season, and he only had 8 assists for his career before this year.

While he had a career year in the stat department he was did most of his damage before the Gold Cup and then slowly faded over the last third of the season. If he hadn't he probably would have been ranked much higher than he was.


*NOTE: The editors finished their potential rankings before the announcement of Wallace's injury

Stacey Ryan Will Michael Average Rank
11 13 12 9 11.25 12

The belief that Rodney Wallace could have a similar year is shown in the potential rankings given by the editors. His skills and technical ability are a known commodity and after 5 years in MLS there probably will not be giants leaps in productivity. One would expect to see similar numbers from Wallace if he were to be healthy from the start of the season. However, next year will be a tough year for Rodney because he will recovering from an ACL tear suffered in the last game against RSL. His recovery will not take the whole season and he is expected to be back sometime during the 2014 season but it still may hamper his return to 2013 form.