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Timbers Tid Bits: Robbie Rogers Edition

Drew Hallowell

Happy Saturday and happy game day! I know the Timbers only had one week off, but it still feels like much too long since we've seen them in action. Today is also your first chance to see the Portland Thorns, albeit without the national team players.

Robbie Rogers recently gave a couple of really great interviews, his first since coming out, and the articles that sprung from those interviews are in today's links. Also in this Timbers Tid Bits, a couple teams are still shuffling their rosters and a doctor explains why the Timbers made the right move by delaying their arrival in Colorado.

Limiting Exposure At Altitude The Right Move
An interview with an expert in altitude training for athletes. The article is from a while back, but it's relevant to the frequent conversations we've been having about altitude. Now, everyone read this and let's all remember it when the Timbers play at Real Salt Lake later this season.

Robbie Rogers Feels Free After Revealing He Is Gay
Rogers on how playing again is a possibility, but not a priority: "People will understand that I need to be a little selfish about this."

Robbie Rogers: why coming out as gay meant I had to leave football
I'm getting a little repetitive, but these are both really interesting, touching articles.

The Big Pitcher - Hate and War
Is the US-Mexico rivalry cooling off a little?

Messing lends voice to growing chorus for change in MLS single entity structure
"However, he warns, [MLS's] accomplishments shouldn’t nurture complacency."

Toronto FC release midfielder Julio Cesar
Cesar had yet to make an appearance for Toronto due to injury.

Three months and out: New York Red Bulls waive forward Josue Martinez
Another player out early in the season.