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The Stumptown Footy Over/Under Challenge: Almost There

One last check in on our bets before the end of the season.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Way back at the beginning of the season we set the line on an Over/Under bet for each Portland Timbers player and gave everyone the opportunity to make their pick. We checked in on those bets halfway through the season. Now, with five games left in the season, let's see where we are going into the final stretch.

Kalif Alhassan

Assists: 6.5

Currently: 3

After playing a larger part for the Timbers during Diego Valeri's absence due to injury, Kalif is back on the bench and look unlikely to make the over on this one.

Diego Chara

Fouls conceded per 90 minutes: 2.6

Currently: 2.4 (62 fouls in 2287 minutes)

With the Timbers' midfield in flux for the last month, Chara's foul's per 90 skyrocketed. The Timbers last two matches against Real Salt Lake were particularly hard on Chara's foul count as he racked up eleven fouls in the two games combined.

Futty Danso

Games played: 6.5

Currently: 11 - OVER

Bright Dike

Reserve league goals: 4.5

Currently: 0 - Under

Steven Evans

Minutes played: 9.5

Currently: 0

If Evans can make it through the team's recent injury crisis without seeing the field, it looks pretty darn unlikely that he will get out there this year. There is still the chance that he could see some "garbage time" minutes to see out the season, but this one is just about a lock for the under.

Mobi Fehr

Reserve yellow cards: 2.5

Currently: 0 - UNDER

Jake Gleeson

Games started: 2.5

Currently: 0

Gleeson is back from his mid-season concussion, but is still firmly entrenched behind both Milos Kocic and Donovan Ricketts. Ricketts could leave again for national team duty before the season is over, but barring an injury to Kocic, Gleeson will remain on the bench.

Michael Harrington

Assists: 3.5

Currently: 1

In recent matches Harrington has been getting forward regularly, even picking up his first assist of the season last month. The over is not entirely outside the realm of possibility for this bet, but three assists in five games still looks unlikely.

David Horst

Goals against average: 2

Currently: 1.0 (2 goals allowed in 2 games played)

Thanks to Horst's quicker than expected recovery from a tibial plateau fracture suffered back in April, this one has gone from a nearly confirmed under to just an extremely probable under.

Andrew Jean-Baptiste

Games started: 27.5

Currently: 22 - Under

Jack Jewsbury

Games played: 22.5

Currently: 21

If Jewsbury can make the pitch twice more in the Timbers' final five games then he will make the over. This one could come down to the wire, but with Jewsbury back healthy it looks quite possible.

Will Johnson

Minutes played: 2200

Currently: 2070

If Will can stay healthy and on the pitch for just one and a half more matches, he will not only make the over here, but he will be within 100 minutes of breaking his season record for minutes played.

Ryan Johnson

Goals scored: 9.5

Currently: 8

The competition has stepped up at the forward spot for the Timbers, but based on the last half an hour of Friday's match, Johnson has more to give for the Timbers. Whether that translates into another two goals for RJ remains to be seen.

Ryan Kawulok

Unused substitution: 4.5

Currently: 0 - UNDER

Milos Kocic

Saves per 90 minutes: 3

Currently: 3.5 (7 saves in 180 minutes)

Donovan Ricketts looks like a lock to finish out he season, so it will take some unfortunate events to put Kocic under 3 saves per 90.

Ryan Miller

Starts: 30.5

Currently: 4 - UNDER

Hanyer Mosquera

Games suspended: 1.5

Currently: 0 - UNDER

Darlington Nagbe

Goal of the week nominations: 1.5

Currently: 1

Although Rodney Wallace, Will Johnson, and Diego Valeri all have multiple goal of the week nominations at this point, Nagbe has yet to pick up his second of the year. Still, the Timbers will need some big moments from the team's first draftee (and the #1 pick in MLS's 24 Under 24 list this year) as they make their run in to the playoffs.

Michael Nanchoff

Games played: 12.5

Currently: 1 - Under

Brent Richards

Twitter followers: 1750

Currently: 2105

Unless Richards' twitter account gets hacked, like mine was two weeks ago, the over is looking pretty good.

Donovan Ricketts

Shutouts: 4.5

Currently: 10 - OVER

Sebastian Rincon

Reserve league assists: 5.5

Currently: 1

This was a pretty poorly conceived one. The under it is.

Mikael Silvestre

Assists: 2.5

Currently: 0 - UNDER

Dylan Tucker-Gangnes

Games started: 4.5

Currently: 0 - Under

Jose Adolfo Valencia

Games started: 8.5

Currently: 2 - Under

Diego Valeri

Goals and assists: 17.5

Currently: 20 (8 goals and 12 assists) - Over

Rodney Wallace

Goals: 3.5

Currently: 6 - OVER

Ben Zemanski

Passing completion percentage: 80%

Currently: 78.4% (According to

Zemanski has actually climbed pretty far back up toward making the over after clocking in at 68% at the midway point of the season.

Sal Zizzo

Penalties earned: 1.5

Currently: 0

Zizzo may have gotten on the field recently and the Timbers may actually have earned some penalties this season, but this was definitely an overly ambitious line.

Timbers Team Stats


Number of points: 42.5

Currently: 46 - Over


Place in the West: 5.5

Currently: 3rd

Place overall: 12.5

Currently: 5th

Team Goals

Goals scored: 42.5

Currently: 45 - Over

Team Defense

Goals conceded: 49.5

Currently: 31

Shutouts: 7.5

Currently: 10 - OVER


Changes in Timbers roster from 3/3 to 11/1: 2.5

Currently: OVER, no matter how you count it

In: Pa Modou Kah, Rauwshan McKenzie, Alvas Powell, Maximiliano Urruti

Out: Ryan Kawulok, Hanyer Mosquera, Mobi Fehr, Bright Dike, Michael Nanchoff

Team Minutes

Highest minutes played (by player): 2900

Currently: 2501 (Michael Harrington)

Harrington will need to play all but 50 minutes of the season to make the 2900 mark. Given that Mo' Money is the Timbers' most consistent player, this looks fairly likely.

MLS Stats


Longest suspension: 6.5

Currently: 3 (Alan Gordon)


Number of goals by Golden Boot winner: 18.5

Currently: 18 (Marco Di Vaio)

Number of hat-tricks: 6.5

Currently: 6


Minutes in longest shutout streak (by goalie): 400

Currently: 546 (Jimmy Nealson) - OVER


Colombians in MLS after summer transfer window: 19.5

Currently: 19 - Under

Canadians in MLS after summer transfer window: 12.5

Currently: 16 - Under


0-0 Ties: 20.5

Currently: 16


Average attendance: 18,900

Currently: 18,352