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The Path to the Playoffs: Nine Games to Go, Wednesday Edition

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The Galaxy take on D.C. tonight in a clash far removed from the Timbers in the standings.

Victor Decolongon

With only nine games to go in the season for the Portland Timbers, every game around the league has some bearing on the final standings. Let's look forward to tonight's match and how it will affect the Timbers' run in to the playoffs.

D.C. United at LA Galaxy

Wednesday, 8/27 at 7:30 PM PT on MLS Live

Root for: LA Galaxy

Why? It may sound crazy to root for the Western Conference team in this match-up, but at this point it would take a massive implosion from the Galaxy for the Timbers to have even the slightest chance of catching them in the standings. Such things have happened before in Major League Soccer, but really the Timbers would benefit more from an on-form LA rampaging through their remaining games against Western Conference opposition, keeping down the already free-falling Colorado Rapids, and preventing the San Jose Earthquakes from making a late season push for a playoff spot.

Plus, with two games remaining against FC Dallas and two against the Seattle Sounders, the Galaxy have every chance of blowing up the standings at the top of the Western Conference, which would make for some very entertaining viewing toward the end of the season in a four club race for the top of the conference, let alone the ridiculous six club race for the Supporters' Shield.

Disagree with the prognosis? Let us know in the comments. Plus, if you are going to be watching the game, feel free to discuss them here.