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Standings Update - 8/9

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Adjusting for different numbers of games played among Western Conference opponents, let's see where the Timbers stand in their quest to make the MLS Playoffs.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Following Friday night's reasonably entertaining California Clasico between LA and San Jose, all the teams in the Western Conference have played at least 20 games. And while the Portland Timbers have been saying all week that tonight's game against Chivas is an important three points, the reality is that the situation has been basically the same for months now.

Theoretical standings after exactly 20 games played by each team:
SEA - 38 pts.
LA - 34 pts.
RSL - 32 pts.
COL - 30 pts.
DAL - 29 pts.
VAN - 28 pts.
SJ - 24 pts.
POR - 24 pts.
CHV - 23 pts.