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Levy Films Slow Down Portland Timbers' 3-0 Win Over Vancouver Whitecaps

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The Timbers look mighty good in this Levy Films cut.

Everybody should have heard of Levy Films around Cascadia by now. The Seattle based production company has been shooting soccer in the Pacific Northwest for years now and have brought their usual mix of crisp field-level action, timely slow-motion, and some tasty music to the Timbers' final Cascadia Cup match of the year: Saturday's 3-0 demolition of the Vancouver Whitecaps.

If you like their style, check out their 2014 MLS All Star Game Portland Tribute, their brutal but beautiful take on last year's playoff loss to RSL, or a Seattle Reign-centric look at their 1-2 loss to the Portland Thorns to close out the 2013 NWSL season.