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Standings Update - Sept. 9th; Still Work to Do

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Supporters may have rejoiced when the Timbers finally hopped above the red line after beating Vancouver last week, but the round-by-round standings show they still have work to do.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

We last took a look at the standings after round 20, and now we can finally say that the Timbers have moved up the table -- just not into a playoff position.

Theoretical standings after exactly 25 games played by each team:

  1. Seattle Sounders - 48 pts.
  2. LA Galaxy - 46 pts.
  3. FC Dallas - 42 pts.
  4. Real Salt Lake - 42 pts.
  5. Vancouver Whitecaps - 33 pts.
  6. Portland Timbers - 31 pts.
  7. Colorado Rapids - 30 pts.
  8. San Jose Earthquakes - 27 pts.
  9. Chivas USA - 24 pts.

After being stuck in 8th place for much of the season, Portland have slowly climbed and settled into 6th over the past few rounds. While the draw against San Jose was hard to stomach, the team is moving upward in the standings and four points from the next two rounds may just be enough to finally get them into the playoff picture.