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Report: Timbers Looking to Add 1-2K Seats to South End

Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from Nigel Jaquiss of the Willamette Week, the Portland Timbers are looking to add 1,000-2,000 more seats to the South End of Providence Park in the next several years.

There are several hurdles for the team to clear before any work could be done. The addition would have to make sense from an economic perspective for the team, but also would need approval from the city and from the Multnomah Athletic Club.

The expansion, according to team president Mike Golub in the Willamette Week article, would likely not done before 2018.

With a waiting list for season tickets that now stretches into the tens of thousands and a small footprint for the stadium in its downtown location, the Timbers will have to get creative in order to fill that demand. This potential move is one step toward expanding the stadium and the Timbers are almost certainly exploring others.

It had been rumored previously that the Timbers were looking at "safe standing" terraces for the Timbers Army, which would allow more fans to join the North End, and some are advocating for an expanded east-side stand, although there are unique issues there as well.

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