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Rose City Soccer Show: Episode 1

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the debut episode of the Rose City Soccer Show, a Portland Timbers focused, round-table podcast featuring some folks you might be familiar with from around the way: Will Conwell, Chris Gluck, and Kip Kesgard, as well as host Dan Adams.

We jump right in to the Timbers' 2-0 loss to Orlando City SC in our first ever broadcast, discussing the team from top to bottom (literally), covering the Timbers' recent two striker setup, the team's injury woes in the center of the pitch, and just what happened on the first Orlando goal, before wrapping things up with a few thoughts and predictions about this weekend's match against New York City FC, and the remainder of the season.

Give it a listen and give us some feedback in the comments.

Are we talking crazy talk? Should we mix up the format? Are there just too many dang podcasts our there already?