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Portland Timbers at Seattle Sounders: Previews, How to Watch, Match Chat [6:30]

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers head to the home of their hated northern rivals today to take on the Seattle Sounders in today's Cascadia Cup match. With both teams squarely in the middle of the densely packed Western Conference, three points could move either into third place and within striking distance of FC Dallas in second.

It is a match between the two fiercest rivals (Sorry, East Coast, but you know it is true.) in American soccer, so expect both sides to show up for this one. Today has the potential to be anything from a shootout to stalemate, but no matter what it should be a hard fought match.


Match Preview: "Coming up against a Seattle side that are weak in the back but undeniably a terror up front, the Timbers will need to put in a comprehensive effort in today's match if they want to get the better of Seattle in CenturyLink. While the Timbers have certainly seen results from late-game adjustments, most notably against New York last week, the Sounders are not a team that they will want to give a half-hour head start."

Preview Interview: "This year the attack is not as exciting. It's Clint and Oba with a bunch of guys trying to find their way. Lamar Neagle just started bursting out in the last two games. Pappa should find his way, but it takes a fifth head to really go full hydra. Barrett does not look to be that man in 2015. Cooper is gone. That means a young player will need to do it. It will be up to the youth movement of HGPs Darwin Jones, Victor Mansaray, Aaron Kovar, or GA player Cristian Roldan. Vic and Roldan are off with US Youth National Teams right now. Kovar and Jones are almost certainly going to be with S2. That means Portland will only have to defend 2.5 scorers in Sunday's game. It will be much different by the end of the year."

Match Information

Watch it on: FOX Soccer 1

Kickoff: 6:30 pm pacific at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, WA

Portland Timbers: 2-2-3, 8th place in the Western Conference

Seattle Sounders: 3-2-1, 4th place in the Western Conference