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Rose City Soccer Show: Episode 3

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Will Conwell, Kip Kesgard, Chris Gluck, and moderator Dan Adams are back again and this time it is all about the Portland Timbers performance against the Seattle Sounders last week. As always, we work front to back, looking at what the Timbers did last weekend and what they need to do better tomorrow night against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

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This time we concentraite on Maximiliano Urruti's shift as a starter, Darlington Nagbe, Alvas Powell's contributions to the attack, Darlington Nagbe, Diego Valeri's potential return, Darlington Nagbe, and wrap things up with some Darlington Nagbe.

Let us know what you thought of the podcast and what you think we should talk about next week.

Hopefully we are continuing to get better. Thanks to everyone who keeps trying to help us.