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Copa90 Turn Their Lens on Portland and the Timbers Army

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Soccer supporter culture documentarians Copa90 are in town and turning their lens on Portland and the Timbers Army ahead of this weekend's Cascadia clash between the Portland Timbers and the Seattle Sounders.

Only a week and a half after the Timbers' 3-1 U.S. Open Cup victory saw the rivalry flare up in dramatic fashion, the two teams are set to meet again this Sunday. Lured by the probable perfect storm of fanatical fans, tremendous tifo, and the the most intense rivalry in North America playing out on the pitch, the Copa90 folks will be on hand to capture all the magic on film.

Of course, this is not Copa90's first time at the dance. Check out their YouTube channel here, or just watch one of my favorite videos from them below.

Warning: if you do click through to the Copa90 channel, make sure you have a few hours to kill. Their videos may only be a few minutes long, but there are plenty of them and they are fascinating. (Posting this was delayed by an hour as I got sucked into the "Derby Days" playlist, which this upcoming piece will be a part of.)

And if you stumble across some baloney they recorded about Seattle, try to forgive them.