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Oh Yeah, There is More MLS Draft Action This Morning

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Are you like me? Did you forget* that there are two more rounds still to go in the MLS SuperDraft after rounds one and two were held last Thursday? And that those two remaining rounds will be held at 11:00 a.m. PST!?

*I didn't really forget. Come on, guys.

Turns out that the draft is not over yet and the Portland Timbers still have two picks to go: the last pick in round three at No. 61 and the last pick of the whole draft at No. 81. Don't expect the next Darlington Nagbe to be drafted here, but thanks to the advent of T2, the Timbers could still manage to uncover a gem in these late rounds that could make the USL side and maybe -- just maybe -- someday have an impact for the first team several years down the road.

This is the territory of players that nobody else has heard of or scouted: the local guys, the U-23s, the guy that Preki randomly sees at a USASA tournament and signs. Just kidding, Justin Braun didn't actually go through the draft.

These rounds will not be streamed; instead you can follow along on the MLS Draft Tracker, on Twitter, and in the comments below as the picks are made.