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2016 New Year's Resolutions for the Portland Timbers

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It is that special time of year when we all take a long look at ourselves and reflect on everything that we would like to accomplish in the upcoming year; or the time of year when we take a short look at ourselves, say, "Man, I ate too many Christmas cookies", then go to the gym twice. Either way, it is a New Year, so let's suggest some New Year's resolutions for the Portland Timbers.

Lucas Melano, Fanendo Adi, and Diego Valeri: To Get in More Bro-Time

No one can deny that Adi and Valeri are very good attacking players and while some might quibble about Melano, the speedy winger is close to joining that group. If anything, Melano's failings have mostly come as a result of not picking up his head and picking out his teammates. If Melano can get on the same page as his fellow attacking players just a little more often, the Timbers will go from having a strong attack to potentially one of the best in MLS, so maybe a little bro-ing out is what is needed.

Chris Klute: To Get People to Correctly Pronounce His Last Name

Rumor has it that when Klute (Klu-tee) first arrived at the Colorado Rapids back in 2012, someone mispronounced his name, but being an easy-going guy, he did not correct them. After three seasons, however, his family had had enough and, when he was traded to the Columbus Crew SC in 2015, Klute corrected the team. Still, having heard his name incorrectly since he joined the league, "Klu-tee" is still not the pronunciation that comes to mind for many MLS fans and it is going to be an uphill battle to correct them (just ask Diego Chara).

Nat Borchers: To Fend Off Any Challengers for the Best Beard Title

Borchers may have trimmed his facial hair after the Timbers won the MLS Cup, but he is still sporting an impressive beard. Still, the trim might have allowed some question as to who has the best beard in soccer. Germany's Marco Sailer has always been stiff competition, so will Portland's own Red Beard still be able to come out on top? It'll take the Rose City's best beard oils to make it happen.

Andy Thoma: To Become the Next Taylor Peay

Thoma doesn't need to become the best left back in MLS all of a sudden; for now the Timbers just need the second-year defender to show that he can play at the MLS level and push Klute (and maybe Jermaine Taylor) for the starting spot at least a little bit. The Timbers will certainly be making use of their depth this year, so there will be opportunities on the bench and in the XI for sure.

Dairon Asprilla: To Shoot More

It doesn't have to be a lot more. Asprilla took 27 shots in 26 games in 2015, but only three of those came after July. As Asprilla hit his stride in the playoffs, however, he took six shots in the Timbers' six playoff matches, one of which did this:

There are plenty of other Timbers that could use some resolutions of their own; if you have any suggestions, be sure to leave them in the comments.