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The Portland Timbers Start Their Preseason Today; Follow the Action

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Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

At 10:00 a.m. this morning the Portland Timbers kick off their 2016 season. With trialists, new arrivals, and maybe a star over the badge on those simple Simple training kits, there is plenty to keep an eye on in the first day of the preseason.

So, how can you follow along with the day's festivities? And just what should you be keeping an eye out for?

Well, to start with, Twitter is your friend here. Follow along with our tweets from training at @WilliamConwell and @ChrisRifer, plus plenty of retweets on @StumptownFooty. You can also expect to find plenty from the Oregonian's @JamieBGoldberg and @MollyABlue, and's @DanItel.

And, once practice wraps up, you'll find all the most important tidbits, plus a few moments that don't lend themselves to Twitter, in our regular training report.

As far as the specific things to keep an eye out for, here are a few:

1. Who has reported for preseason camp?

We know that Darlington Nagbe and Liam Ridgewell won't be with the team to start the year, but is there anyone else who is missing the first days of training?

2. Where are the rookies?

Having been selected by the Timbers less than two weeks ago, have all the Timbers' SuperDraft picks arrived in camp? Each year there has been a player or two late to arrive in camp as they finish out their semester.

3. Who are the trialists?

There is no guarantee that the Timbers will have any trialists on hand today, but with a third keeper and a left wing player needed, as well as a whole roster of T2 player to fill out, expect there to be some players on hand for the preseason that will need to be identified.

4. Have any of the new arrivals gotten their numbers yet?

It usually takes a bit for players to be assigned their numbers, but some of the Timbers new arrivals --especially those expected to have a role in the XI -- could have picked out their numbers already.

5. Is there a star on the training kits?

I mean, there should be, right?