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Portland Timbers Players Weigh In: Jack Jewsbury, Jake Gleeson, and Diego Chara's Favorite Kits

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

We asked you what your favorite Portland Timbers kit is, but what about the players?

Diego Chara, Jake Gleeson, and Jack Jewsbury have each been with the Timbers since the side joined MLS in 2011 and -- along with Darlington Nagbe -- have experienced each and every one of the Timbers' nine different kits over the last six years, so it only seemed right that we ask them which kit is their favorite as well.

Jack Jewsbury

For Jewsbury, picking a favorite was all about the memories and few loom larger than the Timbers' victory in the MLS Cup Final last December.

"Obviously the green ones [that we had last year] will always have a special meaning," Jewsbury said. "We wore them in the final and the pictures that I have of the championship game will be ingrained in my head for a long time."

Taking a moment longer to think about it, another favorite came to mind.

"The retro kit," said Jewsbury, "the all-white is a cool jersey that I always remember; kind of a throwback to the old Timbers and one that I thought was pretty cool as well."

Of course, when it comes to Captain Jack and the Timbers' 2012 third kit, there are few pictures more memorable than this: after taking a knock to the head in the Timbers' disastrous 1-0 loss to Cal FC in the U.S. Open Cup that needed stitches to stanch the blood flow, Jewsbury played on, giving Timbers' fans a number of enduring images (even if the rest of that match is better forgotten).

We don't have the rights to the image, so you will just have to click on through.

"Every once in a while someone will send you a picture and that is one that a lot of people send just because of its nature," Jewsbury said about the photo. "There are some bad memories attached to [that kit] as well."

Of course, when talking about kits, Timbers' kit-man Sam Younie was on hand and -- with Jewsbury's blessing -- he shared this image of Captain Jack's kit in the aftermath of the Cal FC match.

We have permission to post this one, but it is pretty red for a white kit, so you will just have to click on through.

Jake Gleeson

Although he doesn't wear the same kits as the Timbers' field players, Gleeson is a well put together man and is quick to weigh in on sartorial matters.

"Being a keeper, we get the mundane, bright ones," said Gleeson. "I really like the white retro kit that we played in. I thought that was brilliant. It brought the old school back in with the new school."

Asked if keepers kits are under appreciated by the general public, Gleeson seemed dubious and broke down his preferred style to wear on the back line.

"I like them kind of plain; I am a black or white guy myself," Gleeson said. "I'm not too sure about this bright yellow one we have got going on, but it makes us look bigger in the opponents eyes, so I guess it helps."

Diego Chara

For his part, Chara could not choose from among the Timbers' kits, but he did share his favorite Portland kit.

"Last year's uniform, the red one for the Thorns, I like the best," Chara told the press. "My favorite color is red."

Portland Thorns new kits for 2015.