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Newly Acquired Portland Thorns Keeper Nadine Angerer Wins FIFA Ballon d'Or

Martin Rose

Nadine Angerer, who signed with the Portland Thorns earlier today, beat out strikers Abby Wambach and Marta to win the FIFA Women's World Player of the Year. The award was announced at 11:00 today.

The Player of the Year award, FIFA's highest honor, has never before been won by a goalkeeper. Since the inception of the men's trophy in 1991 and the women's in 2001, the only goalkeeper even nominated was a fellow German, Oliver Kahn. describes Angerer:

Her ability to rise above herself at critical moments in matches is now the stuff of legend. A naturally open, communicative and down-to-earth individual she is valued highly and affectionately by her team-mates and the football watching public. Angerer is an extrovert, witty and emotionally-charged by turns. She combines all the attributes a goalkeeper requires if she is to lead, inspire and motivate a top-level team.