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Thorns Women of the Match: Fireworks

We pick our Women of the Match from Saturday's home opener.

Stacey Neve - Stumptown Footy

The Portland Thorns won their first home match of the season, defeated FC Kansas City in another thrilling match in this series.  While the team continues to show improvement each match, two players really stood out to us, as Nadine Angerer made several timely saves and Jessica McDonald scored two late goals to give the Thorns a 3-1 victory.

Here are out picks.  Check them out and leave yours in the comments.

Stacey: Nadine Angerer

FC Kansas City did a better job of pulling apart the back line and finding lots of space to shoot than either of the Thorns' previous opponents did. Fortunately, on all their chances but the penalty kick, Angerer was right there and she was awesome. My favorite Angerer moment was following an FCKC corner kick, when somehow the Thorns keeper emerged from the ensuing game of pinball with the ball in her hands.

Jeremiah: Nadine Angerer

Angerer is was challenged early and often in the first half, but only gave up a penalty kick goal in the 56th minute  On three consecutive corner kicks, Angerer looked calm in the box, organizing her back line and taking care of business..  Her biggest save that visually stands out to me was her diving swat of the ball where she jumped parallel to the ground, rolled, and got back up immediately.   While many keeper would have struggled under the pressure she faced at times, she got stronger.  Thorns fans are in for a real treat this season if she can keep up this level of play.

Will: Jessica McDonald

McDonald's industry on the front line are a fantastic counterpart to the more economical play of Christine Sinclair. Keeping up her high work rate through the entire game allowed McDonald her two goals. The third, in particular, was a carbon copy of two earlier attempts at a chipped finish that Nicole Barnhart successfully snuffed out, but this time McDonald was just half a step faster than the KC keeper and was able to put the game to bed with a beautiful finish.

Ryan: Jessica McDonald

Anytime you score 2 goals in a game you should be considered for WOTM. Her timely runs and interplay with Allie Long helped keep the Thorns' attack dangerous for the full 90 minutes of the game. Jessica's runs also kept the defense honest and over time allowed Christine Sinclair and others space in front of the defense to operate.

Who was your Women of the Match against FC Kansas City? Vote in the poll below and let us know why you made your choice in the comments.