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Portland Thorns vs. Chicago Red Stars Match Thread [11:00]

The Thorns take on the Red Stars to kick off the fourth of July festivities.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Thorns have a nice early game this morning against the Chicago Red Stars as the two teams with identical records battle to move up in the standings. The Thorns have struggled to put together a consistent run of form in recent weeks, despite finally nearing full strength. Now, with Tobin Heath finally in Portland, the Thorns will have all of their pieces on hand at last and will be looking to put some points on the board.

Here is all the information that you need for today's match:


Match Preview: "Both teams are in essentially the same position: needing to gain as many points as possible over the remainder of the season, while trying to get all the pieces working together. They are both technically in 4th place, with the Flash, only behind in goal differential (+5 for Flash, +3 for Red Stars, and even for the Thorns) and are within striking distance of taking control of 3rd place, with the Spirit ahead of both with 23 points, but also from playing two more matches.

This match will likely be wildly unpredictable, since both sides finally find themselves will all their pieces and time to training together, though this advantage goes to the Red Stars as Heath has only been with the Thorns since Tuesday. The Thorns have had more opportunities to see what their mostly-finished product will look like, though to this point it has been less than impressive."

Match Information

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Kick off: 11:00 am at Providence Park

Portland Thorns: 6-6-2, 6th place in the NWSL

Chicago Red Stars: 6-6-2, 5th place in the NWSL (ahead on goal differential)

Match Stream