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Sinclair shatters international goal-scoring record


Canada v New Zealand Photo by Fred Lee/Getty Images

When Abby Wambach netted her 184th and final international goal in 2015 it was thought to be a record that could stand the test of time; the only person remotely close to her was Christine Sinclair, and even that was a stretch. Now, five years later, the Canadian international shattered the very record that once appeared to be untouchable.

Sinclair, who scored her first senior goal against Norway in 2000, finally passed Wambach’s record for most international goals regardless of gender in a CONCACAF Olympic-qualifying match in Edinburgh, Texas. The closest active players behind Sinclair are Carli Lloyd at 121, Alex Morgan and Marta at 107, and Cristiano Ronaldo at 99.

As Sinclair closed in on the record over the past few years, the question was when, not if, she broke the record. Entering Wednesday afternoon against an overmatched Saint Kitts and Nevis side with 183 goals, many thought it could be the game.

If the moment was weighing on Sinclair, it wasn't evident. In the 7’ she converted a penalty kick to tie Wambach’s record at 184. After the first goal, it came down to waiting for that inevitable moment.

Luckily, Sinclair didn't make those watching wait long. The historic play came in the 23’ when Adriana Leon played a ball to the somehow-unmarked forward in the middle of the box. One touch later Sinclair passed it into the bottom left corner for 185.

It’s a special moment on the international stage for Sinclair, but one also special to those in Portland who watched her grow up from her college days at the University of Portland to the lethal goal scorer that has medaled in the Olympics and won two NWSL championships with the local Portland Thorns.

And, of course, online reactions poured in from all corners of North America.

While this is an international record, it’s hard not to think of some of the best goals she's scored over the years for the Thorns.

Sinclair has the opportunity to further increase her international goal total starting on Saturday when Canada takes on Jamaica.