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Soccer Made in Portland: 2014 Episode 52

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We spend ninety minutes on the Timbers. You could argue that's more than the Timbers have spent on the Timbers this year.

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This marathon show covers two completed games, previews a third and answers listener questions. We start with the Portland Timbers' 2-2 draw with the Colorado Rapids last weekend, move on the the Olimpia Champions League encounter midweek and the look ahead to Saturday's vital match against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Along the way we spend time on Maximiliano Urruti's development and future, how Caleb Porter will set up his teams down the stretch, who is the Timbers' goalkeeper of the future and how well the locker room is staying together during this season. Kudos if you make it all the way through.

Brian Gjurgevich's audio with Caleb Porter, as discussed within.